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Teen Catalyst workshop

Father/Son (13-17) camping weekend
On our homestead in Burkesville, KY
June 24-26, 2022

Here at Teen Catalyst, we strive to give teens all the tools they need to live a fulfilling and IMPACTFUL life. With the right support, we believe every teen can fulfill their massive God-given potential, and create a life and career they LOVE!! 

Through this father/son camping weekend workshop, teens will gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and what they need to work on to be successful in their life and career. They'll begin to discover what they are called to do, how to prepare for the real world, and how to develop a career that is fulfilling, exciting, and financially rewarding.

What You Get Today For

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  •  On-site camping for 2 nights

  •  High quality food and drinks to give you energy for all the activities and workshops

  •  Activities designed to help teens think outside the box, develop teamwork-ability, create stronger relationships.

  •  Hands-on workshops: animal care, horticulture, small engine repair, woodworking, and construction. 

  •  Presentations on things like: who, why, and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Effective goal setting, how to shift your mindset when your stuck in a funk, and the basics of personal finance.

  •  Time to connect with other attendees and develop life-long friendships

  • A stronger father/son relationship

  •  And a solid foundation on how to develop a God honoring and IMPACTFUL life and career you LOVE

  • FAQ


    Ken Eash

    Ken is the host and MC of this event. He runs his own small construction business, as well as a lifestyle design coaching business, Empowering Forward Momentum, LLC. He specializes in helping teens fulfill their God-given potential, and create a life and career they LOVE!! He is also the host of 2 lifestyle design podcasts: The Constructive Liberty Podcast, and The Teen Catalyst Podcast.

    This section will be updated as more speakers/facilitators are confirmed.


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